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Application and use

RETOMETR is designed for specialists in relay protection and automation of power enterprises, power department services of industrial enterprises, and other specialists in power engineering, oil and gas industry, and railroad power supply.

RETOMETR can be used for measuring the following parameters:

  • alternating voltage,
  • direct voltage,
  • alternating current,
  • phase difference between two currents, two voltages, voltage and current,
  • phase sequence in three-phase power network,
  • alternating current and voltage frequency,
  • active and reactive power of an electric circuit,
  • circuit continuity test with a sound signal.


RETOMETR is a multifunctional and fully automated pocket device of the newest generation. It is lighter and has better precision then all of the currently manufactured volt-amper-phase meters. The device is easy and convenient in use. It can also run on batteries for quite a long time that allows both laboratory and field tests in a wide temperature range and under insufficient light.

The module has a frame made of shockproof plastic and delivered in a comfortable carry bag with carry-belt and accessory pockets. Besides, RETOMETR is packed into a protective cover with two magnetic plates at the bottom of the cover for fixing the device either on the upper flap of the carry bag or on a metal surface (it can be storage wall, panel, etc.).

Special features of RETOMETER

  • very small size and weight, RETOMETR weighs only 300 g and fits in a pocket,
  • fully automated measurements, convenience in use,
  • high measurement precision, the device basic error is less than ±(0.5% of the readings +0.3% of the range),
  • reading of true RMS voltage up to 600 V and current up to 20 A (using the clamp-on ammeter) with auto-ranging,
  • large size digits of the light display allow to see the readings easily in a dark room or on the direct sun,
  • long time running on two AA rechargeble batteries,
  • circuit active resistance measurement and continuity test option,
  • easy attachment of RETOMETR onto any metal surface with the two magnets inserted into the protective cover,
  • automatic turning off if the device idle for 10 min.

Carry bag and the comfort of working with RETOMETER

The device is delivered in a transport/carry bag with accessory kit including two clamp-on ammeters, DC input adapter, and crocodile clips. The outer pocket of the bag is made for carrying probes. While used, RETOMETR can be held in hands or placed on a surface. For convenience there are two other options for positioning RETOMETR using the protective cover with two magnets. Besides protection, the cover can be used for carrying RETOMETR the following ways:

  • RETOMETR in the protective cover can be fixed on the upper flap of the carry bag, the flap is equipped with a metal plate, which provides secure holding of the device
  • RETOMETR in the protective cover can be securely attached onto any metal surface or metal rack construction.

Delivery kit

  • two clamp-on ammeters
  • accessories: carry bag, protective cover with two magnets, two AA rechargeable batteries, DC adaptor, cables
Number of measuring channels 1
Type of current DC/AC
Voltage measurement ranges [V] (0- 0,019)*­- (0,02 - 0,2) св. 0,2 - 2 св. 2 - 40 св. 40 -600
Error ± (0,005Х of reading + 3 mV) ± (0,005Х of reading + 10 mV) ± (0,005Х of reading + 50 mV) ± (0,005Х of reading + 1.2 V)
Frequency range of the measured AC voltage [Hz] 45 - 65
Input resistance [MOhm ] 1
AC CURRENT MEASUREMENTS (with current clamps)
Number of measuring channels 2
AC current measurement ranges [A] (0- 0,019)* -
- (0,02 - 0,2)
св. 0,2 - 2

св. 2 - 20

Error ±(0.5% of reading + 3 mA) ±(0.5% of reading + 10 mA) ±(0.5% of reading + 0.12 A)
Frequency range of the measured AC current [Hz]

45 - 65

Measurement range of the phase difference between two voltages, two currents, voltage and current [ ° ] from –180 to 180
AC voltage range [V] 0,05 - 600
AC current range [A] 0,05 - 20
Error relative to the reference channel UБ2 [ ° ] ± 0,6

Error relative to the reference channel I2 [ ° ]

- within range (0.1 – 20) А

- within range (0.05 – 0.1) А


± 1

± 2

Frequency band for the measured voltage and current [Hz] 20 - 250
A C voltage range [V] 0,05 - 600
AC current range [A] 0,05 - 20

Error [Hz]

- within range (20-100) Hz

- within range (100 – 250) Hz


± 0,1

± 1,0

Resistance threshold in the continuity test [Ohm] 8 - 12
Resistance measurment range, Ohm 10 - 100 100 - 1000 1000 - 10000
Error , Ohm ± (5% of reading + 1 Ohm) ± (0,05Х +5) ± (0,2Х + 10)
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